Talk: Villain, Comedian Dominates Hero!

Talk: Villain, Comedian Dominates Hero!

Picking right posters and cutting right teasers are the quintessential stuff to make sure that the footfalls for that film will be high. And misleading posters along with masala packed teasers are failing to create magic these days.

In the recent times, Ammaammagari Illu is one good film that touched some good points, though the film looks like a replica of Satamanam Bhavati on a whole. But to see Naga Shourya sizzling on all the posters and rocking in all the teasers has given a different colour about the film. And people who expected Shourya to do all the business has got disappointed post the screening.

Actually, the likes of Rao Ramesh and Shakala Shankar has taken the film on their shoulders in some sequences. While Rao Ramesh outshined everyone when it comes to delivering emotional lines, Shankar made sure that second half will not bite the dust as he is present. His comedy timing and comedy are pretty awesome. So adding Rao Ramesh to the teasers would have worked well for the film, rather just keeping Shourya and Shalini's shots all over.

Ammaammagari Illu may not be a great film, but the film will not die at the box office had the movie's crew planned everything well in advance. Right promotions and right reactions would have helped the movie to create some records.

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