I Will Direct Tamanna, But Don't Give Me Any Credit

I Will Direct Tamanna, But Don't Give Me Any Credit

Crazy directors often taken crazy decisions and its look direct Prashanth Varma has taken one. After making impressive silver screen debut as a director with 'Awe!', this young director has taken a sensational decision for his next, if we have to believe.

Apparently the remake of Kangana Ranaut's super hit film ''Queen'' has gone through many hands and finally landed in Prashant's lap. Initially Ramesh Arvind was supposed to direct all four Southern versions of the film, but later he got opted to direct only Kannada and Tamil version. Then director Neelakanta has come onboard to carve out Telugu and Malayalam version.

Though milky siren Tamanna, the Telugu version heroine of Queen, has denied that she has any rift with Neelakanta, the latter walked out of the Telugu project but finished shooting the Malayalam version. And then, director Prashanth is offered to handle the Telugu version now.

Talk is that the director has laid a condition to the team that he will not put up his name as a director for the film as it's handled by two other directors already. He agreed to direct Tamanna only after this condition is met. It's rare that we see a director working on a film but not seeking the credit.

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