Director Upset With Heroine Signing A Star

Director Upset With Heroine Signing A Star

This director is known for his soft films that often make huge noise with family audiences. They love to watch his films for their soft love and profuse emotions. And then, he's said to be dating one of his heroines who is much younger to her.

While the dating part is going on well, recently this heroine started counting on some big names. Earlier she used to flaunt loads of ego but as age is catching up she's keeping her ego at home and signing some challenging roles. That's how she ended up in a star's movie, which has now upset her beau.

Apparently, the director doesn't want her to romance that star, despite the fact that that star has a clean image. Never in that star's career, he has flirted with a heroine or got closer to one. But still, this director doesn't want his GF to romance him as he's feeling insecure for unknown reasons.

Industry folks opine that one can fall in love with a movie heroine and if that heroine loves you back, don't try to show dominance and draw borders for her. But that director is taking too much to heart without any professionalism and said to be troubling the lady in the discussion.

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