Charan And Bunny Competing With Ads

Charan And Bunny Competing With Ads

After a long time, Ram Charan has come into the branding market yet again by agreeing to become the front face of a Mobiles selling showroom. And then, he has his cousin Allu Arjun doing the same already from a time. Here's an interesting snippet.

Apparently, the company that roped in Charan is giving full-page ads to some leading dailies in the last two days. And whenever that company gave an ad to the paper, the showroom that is being promoted by Allu Arjun is also giving ad the same newspaper. That way we're seeing both Charan and Bunny's full-page ads of mobile showrooms on the same day.

While mega fans are enjoying the phenomena, business circles opine that such trolling kind of ad-giving nature should be stopped. We've seen how Amazon and Snapdeal used to give full-page ads whenever Flipkart gives a full-page frontpage ad. Newspapers might be enjoying the feast as they will get huge money, but it will spread divide between brands.

Now in Charan and Bunny's case, already some fans started arguing about whose ad looks best and who is looking dapper in the ads. An unwanted competition indeed!!

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