Bigg Boss#2: Who Is Sanjanna & Nutan Naidu?

Bigg Boss#2: Who Is Sanjanna & Nutan Naidu?

Bigg Boss 2 has begun. Nani, the host of the season has introduced all the contestants and here is the list:

Geeta Madhuri (Singer)
Amit Tiwari (Actor)
Deepthi Nallamothu (TV News Reader)
Tanish (Actor)
Babu Gogineni (Humanist)
Bhanu Sri (Dancer)
Roll Rider (Rapper)
Syamala (Anchor)
Kireeti Damaraju (Actor)
Deepti Sunaina (Dancer)
Kaushal (Model)
Tejaswi Madivada (Actress)
Samrat Reddy (Actor)
Ganesh (Common Man)
Sanjana Anne (Common Lady)
Nutan Naidu (Common Man)

Well, not many among the public know who Bhanu Sri, Roll Rider, Kaushal and Deepti Sunaina are but they were introduced as celebrities.

Keeping that aside, the special feature of Bigg Boos Season#2 is that it has introduced three contestants from common janatha into the reality show.

While Sanjana Anne was a model and beauty peagent winner in state and national levels, she was kept under common janatha category. It's not understood what should be the celebrity quotient to be called a celebrity in Bigg Boss.

Apart from this, another personality by name Nutan Naidu was introduced as common man into the show. Though he looked like common man and tried to behave like common man, he has a bigger story like that of Basha, say a few.

The people in politics those know him closely say that he is not fit to be called a common man as he has got his own identity in backing up Samaikyandhra Party started by former Chief Minister of AP, Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Nutan Naidu was the financial backbone for Samaikyandhra Party, as said by many, and he had given several motivational speeches as a part of campaigning in 2014. As shown in the audio visual of Bigg Boss-2, Nutan Naidu is not a middle class person now, but a big shot who lives amidst private gun men and travels in high end cars. There is a grapevine that he is one of the key backups for Janasena as well.

Sources say that Nutan Naidu has some political agenda behind entering into Bigg Boss. He has big political nexus both in AP and Telangana region, say some political sources.