Hello!! Stop Comparing NTR And Nani

Hello!! Stop Comparing NTR And Nani

Ever since the opening episode of Big Boss 2 is out, there is only one talk that is doing rounds, how did Nani perform compared to Jr NTR as a host. Did he outshine him? Did he fall flat before Tarak's work? What is it like? But frankly speaking, this comparison is useless and annoying. Here's why.

When NTR hosted the debut episode of Big Boss Telugu last year, some went on saying that NTR has tried to say dialogues in an uneasy manner. Later those mouths hailed him for his natural flow of dialogues. By the end of Season 1, many of these critics started praising NTR for his oratory skills, ability to churn out emotions and connect with people at heart-to-heart level.

Coming to Nani, other day he has done a fantabulous job hosting the First Episode of Season 2, as he tried to keep the act as naturally possible. He has stolen the show for being himself and for not trying to outshine NTR or Salman Khan for that matter. Nani's style comes to the fore only in the coming days after the show slips into controversies due to its contestants and their behaviour inside the house. As the story shapes up with time, Nani might deliver the best of him for sure.

And then there is no point in comparing NTR and Nani because each of them is different in their own league and hosted the first episodes in their self-styled hosting act.

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