A Viral Scene: Young Rekha Meets Gemini Ganesan

Whether it is a fantasy or a factual inaccuracy, "Mahanati" is completely based on the inputs given by Savitri's very own daughter Vijay Chamundeswari, as claimed by the makers. And some scenes that never made to the final cut are now drawing huge attention of the netizens.

Many have asked director Nag Ashwin why very less is shown about Gemini Ganeshan's mistress Pushpavalli and her daughters, actress Rekha and Radha. A couple of days ago, a scene from the Rekha sequence of the movie is out on the internet and it is shocking to everyone.

The scene goes like this: With her daughter Vijaya complaining that Rekha is claiming Gemini Ganeshan as her father as well, Savitri confirms that indeed he is. Later she invites Rekha and her mother Pushpavalli to their home along with Gemini's first wife Alamelu and their four daughters. They celebrate the 'bommala koluvu' event. Later a young Rekha comes back to hug Gemini Ganeshan who is feeling little awkward till then with Pushpavalli present at home.

In a 2012 interview, Rekha claimed that she has three mothers including her own biological mother Pushpavalli, Savitri amma and also Alamelu. "We have three mothers, Badi ma, Choti ma and my own mother. We used to call her Savitri Amma, and my mother also groomed her; we live on the same street too".

However, Rekha gave a hint about this scene in her interview that all the children of Gemini Ganeshan were studying in the same school, but said that she never met Gemini in person.

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