Two More Young Heroes Trying Their Luck With Awards

Two More Young Heroes Trying Their Luck With Awards

In the recent times, the awards functions in Telugu industry got little spicier with young heroes liking to host them. Some pairs like Rana-Nani, Sirish-Navdeep and others have got huge attention for their oratory skills, comedy and overall show.

Treading in the same path, now two more young heroes are trying their luck. Not being able to score some hit films in the recent times, struggling hero Sandeep Kishan is now going to host the upcoming Filmfare (Telugu) Awards event. Joining him is none other than another struggling hero Rahul Ravindran, who actually hails from Tamilnadu but succeeded a bit in Telugu industry.

Though the event will be telecasted sometime later, it will be happening on the event of June 16th in Hyderabad. We hear that both Sandeep and Rahul are preparing the one liners, jokes and coming up with new themes to host this year's awards event.

Earlier when Sirish hosted the event, many felt that the comedy timing in him has opened up big time. And then Rana and Nani also proved how beautifully they could host an event. And now, if Sandeep and Rahul could also prove in the same fashion, it might help their dimmed careers a bit.

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