Meet The New Prediction Specialist Of Tollywood

Meet The New Prediction Specialist Of Tollywood

We have Octopuses and many Lagadapati Sreedhars around the world, predicting the outcome of some event, competition or a future happening much in advance. Here comes one such 'Prediction Star' who is giving a terrific forecast for the movies he is part of.

Apparently, senior actor Naresh has turned to play father roles on the silver screen. Then he's likely to comment about the films he's part of prior to their release. He will be predicting the result much in advance as he feels that his experience lets him judge the result.

"All the films I've predicted including Chalo, Tholiprema, Rangasthalam, Bharat Anu Nenu, Mahanati were big hits. Next will be Sammohanam" he said today, adding that his prediction will not go wrong due to some reasons. "It's not overconfidence. It is Judgement. Indraganti's poetry and Sudheer Babu's performance is going to rock you" he added.

Naresh heaped praises on Sudheer Babu for the changeover and also he says that Indraganti will be mesmerising audiences with his new age approach to his love story of a common man and a starlet. Okay, will this 'prediction' comes true and makes Naresh, the 'Prediction Specialist' of Tollywood. Wait for a day!!

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