Will This Child Star Use This Golden Chance?

Will This Child Star Use This Golden Chance?

There is a serious vacuum when it comes to the comedy department in Tollywood. We are not talking about writing comedy, but our worry is about the lack of enough star-material comedians here.

With Brahmanandam's popularity waning off and comedians like MS Narayana and Dharmavarapu no more, Tollywood is left with few options. Able talents like Sunil, Saptagiri and Shakalaka Shankar are looking at heroism, Prithvi is amassing interest in politics and Posani is busy scolding Chandrababu Naidu. That left Tolly makers run after Vennela Kishore, making him the busiest comedian now.

During his childhood days, Master Bharat impressed big time and became a sought-after child-star in Sreenu Vaitla's movies. Whether it is his 'Spiderman ayithey maa vooru endukochav ra?' dialogue in "Ready" or his drunkard acting during train sequence in "Venky", Bharat scored many marks. And now he's all grown up and debuting as hero's cousin in Allu Sirish's ABCD movie.

If Bharat could prove his mettle as the young man that could carry beacon of Comedy department, Tollywood is ready to welcome him with open arms. But the only thing he has to keep in mind is, if he soon wants to become a hero then his stardom will be a shorter version. Let's see if he uses this golden chance or not!

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