US Prostitution Racket: Anasuya Responds

US Prostitution Racket: Anasuya Responds

It is a huge shocker for both Tollywood and the NRI community with USA feds arresting Kishan Modugumudi and his wife Chandrakala who used some struggling Tollywood actresses for their prostitution business abroad. What's more shocking is that the names of almost six popular heroines are doing rounds in connection with this.

Apparently, many Tollywood actresses are now spilling beans about how this particular accused behaved them. And then anchor Anasuya has openly stated what has transpired between her and Kishan. "In 2016, I got a call from Sreeraj Chennupati (Kishan's alias name) inviting me to the USA, but the way he spoke is really bad. He spoke about making a commitment. Though I've refused his proceedings, he has come up with my image on the posters of the event. Then I tweeted about saying that I'm not part of it" said Anasuya, talking to a leading daily.

With this revelation, Tollywood is going berserk as to how some of the other actresses haven't complained about the accused all these days. Meanwhile, Movie Artists Association is meeting on June 24th to discuss the further action they have to take about this USA NRI production manager and his shady stuff.

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