Controversial Actress Claims Financial Crisis Now

Controversial Actress Claims Financial Crisis Now

Not long ago, some genuine people from Film Industry openly stated that Sri Reddy is fooling everyone including the activists who are supporting her on TV Channel Debates and standing by her. The likes of POW Sandhya and Sajaya Kakarla stood like strong pillars in her support.

But with Sri Reddy making cheap comments on #USSexRacket saying that many big heroines are involved in it, and naming many of them on her Facebook page, activist Sajaya condemned those acts. Also, POW Sandhya stated that Sri Reddy is acting in her own interests rather fighting for a cause and announced that she's withdrawing her support to the controversial lady.

In the wake of these strong pillars withdrawing their support, Sri Reddy is now blasting Tollywood for not giving her work and claimed that she should vacate the flat in a week as she's unable to pay the rent. At the same time, she indicated about food starvation from last few days. Blaming that Telugu directors and producers are giving chances to North Indian girls, due to which these Telugu hotties are turning to prostitution, she has opined at some point that legalising prostitution is the best way to go.

Well, ever since Sri Reddy has scolded Pawan Kalyan in filthy language, she lost her cause and support from many sections. Now it looks like she's losing more.

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