#BigBoss2: Too Much Gossip Is Not Interesting

#BigBoss2: Too Much Gossip Is Not Interesting

In a bid to come out of nominations, every contestant is right now playing his own games to make sure that audiences fall in line for them. In that process, they are actually depending on too much gossip, pushing the house into chaos. And that is also upsetting audiences too.

After eliminating everyone, one particular group including Geetha Madhuri, Syamala, TV9 Deepthi and Nandini started discussing the rumoured affair between Samrat and Tejaswi. Actually, they have forgotten the fact the Tejaswi is not sleeping on the other bed but she actually listened to every single conversation of them. Using this to her advantage, Tejaswi is trying to stoke fire and hatred between Nandini and other participants by revealing Nandini's previous private comments to each of them.

At a point, it looked like Tejaswi is really creating ruckus by making sure that she will rip off Nandini with her comments. Though the house moved to 'task' from here, somehow this gossiping is not at all interesting anyone. People feel that why these inmates are dying out of jealousy against each other.

On the flip side, youths are said to be getting connected a lot to this gossiping and they are looking forward to seeing what will happen next with Tejaswi decided to reveal to everyone that Nandini made bad comments on her friend Kaushal too. When Tejaswi is saying this in the living area, actually Nandini hugged Kaushal at bedroom area and crying inconsolably as she's hurt by Tejaswi's rash behaviour.

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