Rangasthalam 100 Days Poster: We Need Them More

Rangasthalam 100 Days Poster: We Need Them More

When was the last time you have seen a 100 days poster of a film that has genuinely run towards that day in a large number of theatres? Definitely, our short memory fails to recollect any film from the near sight.

Released on March 30th 2018, Ram Charan and Sukumar's blockbuster extravaganza "Rangasthalam" has finished its 100th day run today (July 7th). The film showcased how a routine story dealt with a different characterisation and realistic approach will help it score big time at the box office.

While Charan touched 125+ crores 'share' breaking all the myths, Samantha also broke the rules by becoming the first married Telugu heroine to sizzle in glamour avatar and score big. Apart from creating such fascinating records, Rangasthalam also stood as an inspiration yet again to deliver films that run for 100 days in theatres. One can pull a film to run in theatres for years, but a genuine 100 days run is a rare feat. Imagine if that happens 2-3 times in a year, definitely Telugu industry is going to flourish in a much better way than it is now.

Perhaps for that to happen, our star directors should be more alert and attentive while writing scripts rather pushing 70-80 crores investments into a toss with their pathetic screenplay and writing. Hope Rangasthalam has enlightened them!!

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