#BigBoss2: Nani Gives Left And Right To Gogineni

#BigBoss2: Nani Gives Left And Right To Gogineni

One of the most unexpected scene on Big Boss 2 is contestant Babu Gogineni getting a blasting from the host Natural Star Nani. And this stunned TV viewers last night as Nani found fault with Babu for taking a decision to nominate TV9 Deepthi with his incorrect judgement.

Apparently last week Babu Gogineni nominated Deepthi Nallamothu for elimination, saying that the latter has spoken ill against Samrat-Tejaswi's chemistry. And then, he's said to have come to that conclusion solely basing on the talk revealed by Tejaswi.

For a man who runs on facts and lives by truth, how come Tejaswi's revelation forms the basis for an elimination? This is the question of audiences and Nani posed the same with huge intensity to Babu Gogineni. When Babu tried to say that he took information from Tejaswi and processed it, Nani asked him, how could he process in such a way that whatever Tejaswi told him is a truth? Babu Gogineni got stumped with this.

Probably for the first time in TV history, Babu Gogineni lost a debate and audiences wondered that Nani gave left and right to him in such stunning way.

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