Talk: Maruthi's Package Deal For Newcomers

Talk: Maruthi's Package Deal For Newcomers

Gone are the days where guys learn acting and try their luck in the film industry as heroes by attending auditions. But these days, there is this type of heroes who are investing themselves in their first film such that they will easily get a break as a hero, and rest depends on luck.

Talk in the film industry is that director Maruthi has become a godly-figure for heroes who got 2 crores investment to produce their own movies. He's said to be setting up stories, team and projects for them and charging a cool remuneration. Otherwise, he should be given the whole amount as a package and he will get the final project delivered.

All his previous movies like Green Signal, Lovers, Rojulu Marayi are said to be of that kind and now he has set "Brand Babu" similarly they say. This latest film has Maruthi credited as writer, while ETV Prabhakar is directing it. And guess what, the hero's family is producing the movie as well.

We hear that many young rich kids are now approaching Maruthi to make sure that they will get a terrific launch pad. At the same time, the director is also said to be saving a good fortune through these deals.

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