Guess Who is Playing NTR's Life Changing Director

Guess Who is Playing NTR's Life Changing Director

Upcoming biopic of #NTR is getting ready at a brisk pace under the direction of Krish. The director is making sure that all the vintage details related to legendary NT Rama Rao's life will not be missed on the silver screen.

Already Krish got talented actor Ajay Sharma on board to play the role of legendary film personality, Mayabazaar producer Chakrapani. Now he has got another interesting actor to play the role of BA Subba Rao who has first decided to rope in NTR as a hero when the actor is busy doing side-kick roles. He made "Palleturi Pilla" where NTR played a negative shaded role who turns to positivity and ends up marrying the heroine.

That role will be now played by actor Naresh, who has recently helped Sammohanam score decent points at the box office with his hilarious acts in the pre-climax episodes. Of late, he's picking crucial character roles in movies and the films like Rangasthalam unravelled that brilliance of him. He will be now playing BA Subba Rao on the silver screen.

Bugata Venkata Subba Rao, better known as B. A. Subba Rao, has directed and produced films like Palletoori Pilla, Raju Peda, Chenchu Lakshmi, and directed movies like Bhale Tammudu and Sati Savitri. Among the 30 odd films he has crafted, most of them have NTR as the lead man, for which Rama Rao always considered him as his life changing personality.

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