New Heroine Scared of Typecasting?

One visible bad phenomenon in the film industry is that when an actor is introduced or scored a success in one type of role, they will be offered or say flooded with the same type of roles until they score a failure or until they end up jobless. That is the main challenge for many new actors to get out of that stereotype roles and prove their versatility.

The fresh beauty of Telugu cinema, Ruhani Sharma of Chi La Sow fame seems to be much worried about this problem. Ruhani appeared in Chi La Sow in her natural looks without much makeup and even agreed to face the camera with pimples visible. There is also a dialogue on her teeth in the film. Apart from the success of the movie, Ruhani is heard to be tensed about typecasting her with similar roles in the next films.

So she started her homework already to flaunt her hot girl angle. Ruhani's hot photo shoots are making rounds on the internet and she is heard to be pushing them to more visibility on social media only to pass the message that she is open for all kinds of roles. Ruhani looked absolutely stunning and hot in her photo shoots though she looked beautiful in Chi La Sow. We have to wait a little longer to see her hot angle on the big screen.