'Saakshyam' is a great team work: Bellamkonda Sreenivas

'Saakshyam' is a great team work: Bellamkonda Sreenivas

Hero Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas has so far done out and out masala films but for the first time he is doing an experimental commercial film. 'Saakshyam' it is and the movie is making a huge noise before the release. With EROS International backing the film, an unprecedented craze has emerged. What Bellamkonda Sreenivas has to say about 'Saakshyam'? Read below.

Q: What made you to sign Saakshyam?

A: It's just the script. This is a never before concept and very complex subject. A film based on the five elements of Nature and commercial elements come very rare. I'm happy that this script came my way. Believe it or not, I signed this film before 'Jaya Janaki Nayaka' release. As and when director Sriwass narrated the plot to me, I said I'm doing this film without any second thought. But Sriwass advised not to sign any film as the shooting would take a lot of time.

Q: What is your role going to be like?

A: For the first time, I'm playing a video game designer in the movie. There will be transformation in the latter part of the movie. My role needs a lot of extra set of skills and so I have learnt flyboarding, quad bike driving and stuff for 15 days in Dubai. I'm glad that I pulled them off and they really helped me during the shoot of action episodes.

Q: As you have mentioned about action episodes, tell us about them?

A: Well, they are done by Peter Heins master. He is someone whom I look up to, to try always try something new and push your limits. He has choreographed some stunning action episodes and each one is completely different from the other. All the fight sequenes come as the film progresses and none are forcefully included. The climax episode is going to be major highlight. Audience of all age groups will like them.

Q: Heard you have done without any dupe?

A: Yes, it was all Peter Heins master's motivation. My dad who watched the rushed was shell shocked by them and got really scared. He suggested me not to take such huge risks hereafter. I will go with it!

Q: Tell us about director Sriwass?

A: To come up with an incredible script and shooting on a grand scale are the biggest tasks. But to handle such a huge canvas of star actors is even bigger responsibility. I still did not figure out, how Sriwass managed to get through it. He is the driving force for the film and not even a single day he did not feel let down. May be the 'Pancha Boothalu' were helping him as well (laughs).

Q: The song 'Pancha Bhoothalu' is doing a lot of talking?

A: Credit should go to director Sriwass for inspiring Anantha Sriram to pen such amazing lyrics and Harshavardhan Rameshwar for extraordinary music. Coming to the song, I have been listening to it non-stop and it is one of the best songs of my career and the music is as well.

Q: Saakshyam has huge star cast, tell us about it?

A: Probably for the first time in Telugu cinema, there are four villains in a film. Jagapathi Babu, Ashutosh Rana, Ravi Kishan and Madhu Guru Swamy. Every actor has already made a huge name for themselves. They are ruthless, cruel and merciless. They have delivered a power-packed performance. The supporting cast too have significant presence in the film.

Q: The visuals look so grand and vibrant!

A: I'm waiting to work with Arthur A Wilson because he is my favourite DoP. Perhaps, the wait is only meant for 'Saakshyam.' It's purely only his efforts if the visuals look so astonishing. We have shot in US, Varanasi, Bellary, Pollachi and quite a few locations. Arthur Wilson made sure a film with right content should have top notch camera work. I thank him on the occasion.

Q: And about your producer Abhishek Nama?

A: He is extremely passionate producer. He knew my market but he had complete faith in the script and did not compromise at all. In fact Abhishek Nama gave us a lot than we asked for. I can say, he is one of the best producers, I've worked under and looking forward for even longer association with him.

Q: Lastly, 'Saaksham' is releasing this Friday!

A: I'm pumped up about the release. 'Saakshyam' is one film that when I look back at my career, it will stand tall and makes me feel proud! I'm sure the audience will definitely like it.

Q: Good luck!

A: Thank you!