Mega Daughter's Energy Blows Their Minds

Mega Daughter's Energy Blows Their Minds

From last three days, mega daughter Niharika Konidela is busy promoting her latest movie "Happy Ending" big time in Andhra towns and cities. As part of the program she's visiting many colleges and events, and here is what happens.

Other day after Niharika climbed the stage at a college, there was this huge reaction from crowds, whistles and shouts, stunning the whole team. Whether it is at Gannavaram college or Bhimavaram grounds, the reception for Niharika is awesome. Also like Bollywood stars, she's putting up dances, dialogues and cheers on the stage. And that too she's infusing lots of energy into the whole of her acts. Her energy is surely blowing the minds of everyone.

One big strategy is that rather just sitting in TV shows and promoting a film, it is always good to go directly into audiences with these 'live' promotions. It looks like Niharika has hit the right chord to make sure that her latest movie gets all the buzz and good openings.

Directed by Lakshman Karya, "Happy Wedding" features Niharika and Sumanth Ashwin in the leads, while UV Creations is releasing the film big time.

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