Silly Fellows Trailer: Double Comedy Treat

After a long time, comedy heroes Allari Naresh and Sunil have joined forces for an out and out comedy entertainer 'Silly Fellows' directed by Bheemaneni Srinivasarao. The film's trailer was released by Superstar Mahesh Babu just a while ago.

Silly Fellows trailer doesn't reveal much about the film's plotline, but it promises unlimited entertainment aimed at the masses. Naresh and Sunil play best friends in the film which also features star comedians like Brahmanandam, JP and Posani, who will ensure a laugh riot in theaters.

There is also an interesting politics track in the trailer. It remains to be seen how the Rs 500 crores and the romantic track between Naresh and heroine Chitra Shukla are inserted in the story. However, Bigg Boss fame Nandini Rai and Avunu actress Poorna have not been revealed in the trailer for reasons better known to the makers.

Silly Fellows releases in September and both Naresh and Sunil will be keenly awaiting its success. Kiran Reddy and Bharat Chowdary have produced the movie and Vishwa Prasad is presenting it.

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