Bigg Boss 2: Kaushal Army's Rigging & Target Abuse?

Bigg Boss 2: Kaushal Army's Rigging & Target Abuse?

కౌషల్‌ దొరుకుతాడని బిగ్‌బాస్‌ వెయిటింగా?మరో నాలుగు వారాల్లో సీజన్‌ ముగియనుంటే ఇంకా బిగ్‌బాస్‌ హౌస్‌లో పదిమంది కంటెస్టెంట్లు మిగిలారు. ఫైనల్‌ వీక్‌కి అయిదుగురు వుండాలన Aug 27, 2018

One of the strong contestants of Bigg Boss 2, Kaushal enjoys a huge fan base outside and he recently got to know about it through a fan call on last weekend. This admirer-army 'Kaushal Amry' claims to have formed on its own without any campaign from the model-actor or his close aide.

This is all fair, but the happenings from last few weeks regarding the eliminations and saving their favorite contestant, this 'army' seems to be involved in organized voting aka rigging. Many Whatsapp groups and Instagram pages are formed on Kaushal's name with hundreds of supporters and they have been giving an open and pride revelation about their successful attempts in creating fake email accounts to support Kaushal.

Each of few fans even claims to have created 50 to 100 accounts. Needless to say that each account can generate more votes. Not stopping there, they were even seen abusing contestants with unacceptable language.

As a host, Nani did mention the abusing comments earlier but seems to be ignoring this rigging army. Whenever Kaushal is nominated for elimination, this fan group saves him and whenever he is not in nominations, they are openly targeting the contestants who got into an altercation with Kaushal, only to push them towards elimination.

While Nani and Bigg Boss organizers can see and show funny memes on social media, don't they also see that Bigg Boss show being compromised and dictated by one particular fan base?

Eliminated contestant Babu Gogineni reminds the show organizers their duty to put an end to this abuse and also mentions that it is time for Nani to address this situation as Nani has supported Kaushal with his feedback many a time earlier.

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