Director reveals Rakul salary!

Director reveals Rakul salary!

కాస్టింగ్ కౌచ్‌పై మీనా ఏమందంటే..సినీ ప‌రిశ్ర‌మ‌లో కాస్టింగ్ కౌచ్ గురించి ఈ ఏడాది ఆరంభం నుంచి విప‌రీత‌మైన చ‌ర్చ జ‌రుగుతోంది. చిన్న హీరోయిన్ల నుంచి స్టార్ల వ‌ర‌కు Aug 28, 2018

Delhi-girl Rakul Preet Singh earned huge popularity in south, with a series of super hits to her credit. Rakul Preet is the top-rated actress in Tollywood and Kollywood and her a fat pay Cheque also proves it.

When it comes to Bollywood, she's done a couple of films which resulted in disasters at box-office - Yaariyan and Aiyaary. But, what's her remuneration for a Hindi film? - one must be assuming it's certainly bigger that what she's gets for a Telugu or Tamil film.

But, a Bollywood director reveals that this leggy lass is paid less than half of what she gets here in Telugu/Tamil. According to that filmmaker, Rakul earns 1 Crore for a south biggie whereas her remuneration for a B-town film is as low as 45-50 lakhs. This is shocking, isn't it? - but, most of the south actresses try their luck in Hindi just to gain some brand-endorsements in their kitty.

Before Rakul, other leading heroines like Ileana, Trisha, Kajal, Hansika, Laxmi Raai and others followed this route but all of them found their way back as they do not want to miss their big remunerations down south.

Aug 28, 2018 మోసం చేసి అవార్డిచ్చార‌న్న చిరు ఎవ‌రైనా పిలిచి అవార్డిస్తానంటే సంతోషించ‌కుండా ఎలా ఉంటారు? ఐతే మెగాస్టార్ చిరంజీవి మాత్రం త‌న‌కు అవార్డిస్తానంటే ఒక వేడుక‌కే రా… View Full Article

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