Pawan Kalyan's Mother's Pics Morphed

Pawan Kalyan's Mother's Pics Morphed

In an yet another incident of low, Pawan Kalyan's mother's pics are reportedly morphed and posted on social networking platforms. According to police, one 'ChantiAbbayi' on Twitter said to have posted the morphed pictures of Pawan's mother and shared from his account.

When these were found by one Pawan's fan Shravan, he had complained the matter to Hyderabad city police. The police have transferred the case to Cyberabad Crime Police. The Cyberabad Crime Police are trying to find out the IP address of the accused and an investigation is underway. Meanwhile, the Cyberabad Crime Police are looking out for a formal and written complaint from the complainant to begin the further process.

Several fans of Pawan are fuming over this heinous act of dragging Pawan's mother and family members into issue. Earlier, a few critics of Pawan have directly targeted his mother that have attracted the ire of Pawan, Janasena activists. Now that

Meanwhile, a social war is going on between Pawan's fans and Jagan's fans from a while. Particulary, after Jagan targeted Pawan personally and his marriages. Pawan fans are demanding a strict punishment to culprits who morphed his mother's pictures against her dignity, privacy and her self-respect.

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