Inside Talk: Balayya to Launch Aravinda Sametha Audio

Inside Talk: Balayya to Launch Aravinda Sametha Audio

Tarak will never be the same after Hari Krishna's death. The senior family member's death shook him and his brother Kalyan Ram and left a large number of admirers in mourning. This is when the family comes to rescue and Balayya too did the same.

Balakrishna put an end to rumors (or facts) about the rift with Tarak in the past and comes to condole with the youngsters on this huge loss. A family catastrophe brought them back together and a video went on viral where Balayya is having a chat with Tarak and Kalyan Ram after Hari Krishna's cremation.

Looks like all is well between the two now, which is a delight for Nandamuri fans. Talk is that will invite Balakrishna to launch the audio of Aravinda Sametha, that is expected to be held in October first week. The audio launch was expected to happen on September 16 in Novotel but got canceled after the sudden disaster in NTR's family.

It will be a treat for Nandamuri fans to watch their favorite stars together at Aravinda Sametha audio release, after a really long time, but Tarak is going to miss his father very badly on stage that day.

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