Talk On Heroines of RX100 & Chi La Sow

Talk On Heroines of RX100 & Chi La Sow

There are many newcomer heroines who have got a name for their debut flicks in the recent times. And then, their inability to make quick decisions and greedy to run for something they won't get easily is toughing up their career.

Well, for instance, Payal Rajput became a huge name with RX100 but the actress is yet to sign her second film. Though many offers came her way with almost 30 lakhs pay packet, she's said to be waiting for that A-list stars to sign her rather some newcomers and struggling heroes.

Cut to another new starlet Ruhani Sharma who got calls from many industry biggies after the teasers of Chi La Sow released, the actress wants something substantial to star in. Though she's offered many films, she's not in a mood to sign one until it has a big star in it opposite her.

These actresses should know the fact that they should strike the iron when it is hot rather waiting for big star films. If big stars offer them films, how would they get substantial roles? They will get only 10 scenes and 4 songs stuff.

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