Bigg Boss 2: Nani strikes at his critics

Bigg Boss 2: Nani strikes at his critics

As the second season of Bigg Boss Telugu is inching towards climax, it's turning out to be a hub of controversies. Now that the reality show has picked up the pace with decent TRPs, the social media is emerging as a spoiler for the management, Maa TV channel and importantly the host of Show - Nani.

From last few weekend episodes, the fans of Kaushal have been alleging that Nani is cornering their favorite contestant with biased comments and he's not voicing out the people's opinion correctly. And most recently, a rumor popped out that either Tanish or Geetha Madhuri could grab the Bigg Boss title as they are considered to be Nani's favorite housemates. Amid all these controversies, the eviction of Nutan Naidu called for a new rage from a sector of viewers who think it's an unfair activity.

Nani, who from the beginning has been very straightforward and hellbent when it comes to treating the housemates during the weekend episodes, has responded to the ongoing debates and offered a clarification on his Twitter page. In a long post, the actor started off with an apology and made it clear that every single person in the house is equal to him.

"Everything I do as an actor or host is to give you the best. At the end, my conscience should be clear and it's crystal clear..hate me or love me, you all are my extended family and it does affect me when you misunderstand. But will it bring me down? -No. I will try to do even better," said Nani.

On other hand, some audiences on have crossed crossing limits on social media in criticizing the host, Star Maa channel and show organizers. People who think it as a 'time waste' and biased reality show are prepared to stoop low with kind of attack they are making and one should have a check on language and comments before bringing them on social media. 

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