MAA Controversy : Mahesh Calls Chiru

MAA Controversy : Mahesh Calls Chiru

The ongoing controversy in the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) has become  a big headache to the industry bigwigs. Since the events marking Silver Jubilee celebrations of the MAA have been planned in the US with stars Chiru, Mahesh, Prabhas et al and allegations are rife around those events, naturally there is a lot of focus on the issue.

Amidst this row, reports had it that Mahesh Babu may back off from the next big event of the MAA in the US that is aimed at raising funds to construct the association building of MAA. Clarifying these rumours and trying to set the record straight and also to smoothen the things, nonetheless Mahesh Babu told to have called Chiranjeevi who is now looking after the issue carefully. Mahesh said to have conveyed to Chiru about his willingness to attend the event once issues get sorted and the event is scheduled. Chiru said to have welcomed Mahesh's move and appreciated him for taking initiative.

After a call from Mahesh, Chiru too seriously talking to both parties of MAA and trying to bring peace to the ongoing row and wants to get the ball rolling on this without any delay. However, the bone of contention is that Naresh & Co are demanding for a Facts Finding Committee and a decision on that is yet to be taken. A few are of the opinion that it may not be a healthy decision to constitute a Facts Finding Committee. One has to wait and see, what Chiru and others finally decide for. 

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