Saamy Square trailer: Old wine in new bottle

It's been long time actor Chiyaan Vikram tasted a box office success. The talented hero who's going through patch with a series of flops decided to make a strong comeback with a sequel to Saamy, the film which established Vikram as the star hero. It was remade in Telugu as 'Lakshmi Narasimha' by Balakrishna.

In Saamy, Vikram showcased his heroism with settled performance as a police officer. But, in Saamy Square, Vikram was loud and the theatrical trailer seemed like it was Vikram playing Suriya's role in the 'Singam' series.

Also, the Telugu trailer of Saamy Square is being trolled on social media & there are no positive feelers on the film now. Even Mahanati game Keerthy Suresh as leading lady may not be able to to lift this film. With a meager response for loud & mass films now-a-days, actor Vikram may not emerge as triumphant by using this passé formula.