Craze At Peaks: Kaushal Army's 2K Walk Rocks Social Media

Craze At Peaks: Kaushal Army's 2K Walk Rocks Social Media

Ever since Bigg Boss' season 2 began, there has been a huge support for one of the prominent contestants, Kaushal Manda. What started off as casual support soon turned into an army with a sea of supporters rooting for Kaushal's win in the finale.

Kaushal Army has been instrumental in the elimination of several contestants who had a diff with Kaushal in the Bigg Boss house. And today, Bigg Boss followers in the two Telugu speaking states witnessed an unprecedented show of support ever displayed for a small time TV personality.

A huge army of Kaushal fans held a 2K walkathon at Madhapur in Hyderabad this morning. The walkathon was attended by thousands of men and women and even kids fans of Kaushal. The supporters were seen wearing T-shirts with Kaushal's photographs and quotes of support for their favourite star.

With just a few more episodes left before the Big Boss 2 concludes, it remains to be seen whether today's 2K walkathon would impact the show's final winner. On the other hand, Telugu entertainment industry and social media have been in awe looking the unimaginable support and craze for Kaushal.

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