Is Bigg Boss Troubling Nani?

Is Bigg Boss Troubling Nani?

It looks like Nani's stars were not lucky when he had agreed to host Bigg Boss Season 2 a few months ago. The popular reality game show has turned out to be a trouble for the Natural Star. Although he had started off hosting the show in an exuberant manner, Nani slowly seems to have lost the interest. Especially, his hosting in the last couple of episodes showed his lacklustre efforts.

On the other hand, Nani has been subjected to some heavy duty trolling by the Kaushal Army for the last few weeks. He was accused of being biased against Kaushal and showing his soft corner towards a few contestants. The pressure was such that Nani had to personally tweet a long note, claiming his unbiasedness as a Bigg Boss host.

In spite of that, Nani is still being targeted vehemently. Adding to the social media menace, Nani's detractors have started bothering him even during public events. Throughout Nani's speech at Shailaja Reddy Alludu's pre-release event, anti-fans kept shouting "Kaushal..Kaushal". A clueless Nani didn't know how to react and tried to calm down the Kaushal Army, saying "Thanks ra babu..Thanks".

Both the Telugu States witnessed the unbelievable craze for Kaushal on Sunday when a sea of Kaushal Army carried out at a 2K walkathon in Hyderabad. Neither Nani nor the Bigg Boss organisers should take this craze for granted. Many are of the opinion that in case Bigg Boss final result is not on the expected lines, Nani may have to face an extreme level of trolling which may even impact his movies in future.

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