'Charmi'ng Girl Romance With Sachin Tendulkaran'

'Charmi'ng Girl Romance With Sachin Tendulkaran'

In what could be a sensational news, controversial heroine Sri Reddy has now made allegations against former Indian cricketer and 'Bharatha Ratna' Sachin Tendulkar.

Once again Sri Reddy used her Facebook to make these wild accusations. "A romantic guy called sachin tendulkaran, when he came to Hyderabad, charmi'ng girl did a romance wt him..high profile chamundeswar swami is a middle person..greatest persons can play well i mean romance well ????," wrote Sri Reddy on her Facebook wall.

Not stopping here, Sri Reddy has dragged former Indian first class cricketer V Chamundeswaranath and actress Charmme in this issue as well. Sachin do visits Hyderabad once in a while, that too if there is any event that he could be part of or is invited as chief guest.

Though her post got over hundreds of LIKES, many are commenting that Sri Reddy's allegations are completely baseless as Sachin is adored by millions in the country and is regarded as the god of cricket sport. It would be better for Sri Reddy if she provides enough evidence to acknowledge her allegations.

Meanwhile her rant against choreographer and director Raghava Lawrence is going on. She shared a chat screenshot of an unknown guy sending her messages in which the guy claimed that Lawrence is a womanizer.

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