MAA, Not Answering Media Calls?

MAA, Not Answering Media Calls?

The controversy erupted in the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) may end up as a storm in a teacup. The allegations and counter-allegations of both the groups in the MAA  - one led by general secretary Naresh and other led by president Sivaji Raja  - seem to have come to an end with the intervention of industry bigwigs like Chiranjeevi who has instructed both parties to stop knocking the doors of media.

The bigwigs reportedly advised both the parties to maintain peace and asked to sort out the issues within the closed doors and instructed not to speak to media on the issues.

Media persons who are following up the story continuously and trying to reach out to the MAA members on the story are now said to be disappointed as none of the MAA members are willing to speak up to media on the controversy.

It is also learnt that both the parties are going to patch up soon and may put a full stop the issues in near sight. Both the groups are only looking for the prosperity of the MAA and a building to be built for the MAA at fast pace and nothing else. So, media folks are disappointed that they'd not get any interesting fodder for them on MAA.

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