Will Chaitu Get Much-Needed Break?

Will Chaitu Get Much-Needed Break?

Naga Chaitanya is 9-yr-old in the industry. He is still waiting for one big blockbuster. Most of his solo films were just confined to have done decent at the BO. Even acclaimed films like Premam, 100% Love have not done as expected. This is despite having strong fan base of Akkineni clan. Given this, Chaitu needs a big and much-needed break to move to the next level. Even his better-half, Samantha has been wanting to see this blockbuster for Chaitu  post marriage and hoping that lady luck works for Chaitu.

When youngsters like Nani, Nikhil, Sharwa have all got due hits, Chaitu still lacks a big blockbuster kinda film. Also, of late, most of Akkineni stars films have not done well. Amidst this background, Chaitu's collaboration with director Maruthi looks interesting.

Given that Maruthi has given good hits to Nani (Bhale Bhale Magadivoy) and Sharwa (Mahanubhavudu), Maruthi is now seen as a Midas for youngsters. Especially, Nani got a big stardom with BBM and even his film has breached the 1 Million USD mark in the US. Now, the fans of Chaitu and Akkineni family are hoping that Maruthi would give similar success to Chaitu as well.

Interesting trailer, blend of comedy, drama and action together raise hopes on Shailaja Reddy. But one has to wait and see, whether Maruthi would change the fortunes of Chaitu. That's the question on everyone's lips in the industry. Also, Chaitu's next Savyasachi also banking on the outcome of Shailaja Reddy Alludu. We get to know about this only on Sep 13th.

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