Multiple Reasons for Strained Relationship: Rashmika's Mother

Multiple Reasons for Strained Relationship: Rashmika's Mother

Strong rumors are flying about the break up of Rashmika Mandanna and Rakshit Shetty since a while, though Rashmika rubbished them few weeks back. A recent open letter from Rakshit added more confusion than giving needed clarity. But Rashmika's mother opened up and confirmed about the split on a TV channel's brief on-call interview.

Rashmika's mother Suman Mandanna claims to be disturbed by the happenings and on path to the recovery. She admits that Rashimka and Rakshit decided to break their engagement and both the families were on the decision to mutually end the relationship. She says that there was no point in sticking to a relationship that was strained with multiple reasons, which in turn affects careers of them both.

Rashmika and Rakshit fell for each other during the making of Kirrik Party and got engaged on July 3 2017. They even celebrated their engagement's first anniversary this year. The former couple decided to get married after two years from engagement.

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