Suresh Babu's Two Mistakes?

Suresh Babu's Two Mistakes?

Suresh Babu is known as the Midas in the Telugu film industry. If his hand is placed on any film, it becomes Gold. That's the kinda perception in the industry. This belief has become quite popular after the release of Pelli Choopulu. The film which was initially made with low expectations has gained a lot of fame only after Suresh Babu acquired the movie. And there is no doubt that Suresh Babu played the crucial role in the blockbuster success of Pelli Choopulu.

Post Pelli Choopulu, Babu's craze went to peaks in the industry. And several small filmmakers kept knocking his doors and yet, Babu is as choosy as before. He has made Ee Nagaraniki Yemayindi with Tarun Bhascker.

The film had released with much hype and buzz. Many thought that it would be next to Pelli Choopulu and Suresh-Tarun Bhascker were going to repeat the magic. But that wasn't the case. The film failed to meet the high expectations and it fell flat. The film was close but couldn't sustain. Yet, Babu went ahead and announced that this is 2.0 version of Suresh Productions which would make, promote, market out-of-the-box films.

Then, all eyes were on his immediate pick - C/o Kancharapalem. The film had been in the news from very long. It was promoted that the film was entirely shot with original people from the place called Kancharapalem giving it the touch of originality. And the film was the official selection at the New York Indian Film Festival and screened at the New York Indian Film Festival raising many eyeballs and garnered good response.

Naturally, expectations were doubled after this. The film had been screened much before its theatrical release and critics have been all praise for the film. Several stars like Nani have dubbed the film as a must-watch. And the film finally hit the screens and openings were good. While the film is doing decent in the overseas, thanks to online reviews, the film couldn't get similar steam in the domestic market. Babu who has good hold over theatres had expected to reap in profits given the ultra-positive reviews and good talk. But wrong timing and other reasons seem to have spoiled Babu's plans.

This has given a shock to Suresh Babu yet again. Even many in industry are said to be shocked with C/o Kancharapalem's low performance compared to it was expected. With two back-to-back disappointments for Babu, he may now retrospect and may become more strict.

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