#BigBoss2: Kaushal Getting Less Than Geetha?

#BigBoss2: Kaushal Getting Less Than Geetha?

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In the next couple of weeks, all the fire and glitter lit by Big Boss Season 2 is coming to a close as the season is going to end. That said, the ball is now set to roll for a mega finale week with many people betting on their favourites already.

While many hope that Kaushal is going to walk away with all the honours, some feel that Tanish would do and others have that Geetha Madhuri will be crowned as the winner. Whoever it may be, a rumour says that Geetha will not be made a crorepati after this show. Wonder why?

Though the prize money is 50 lakhs only, already every contestant is being paid a certain amount of money to stay in the house. An insider revealed us that Geetha is the highest paid among the lot and guess who's getting the least? It is none other than Kaushal. Big Boss team never expected that this TV serial actor will get such a stupendous response and stay in the race for the crown. As he's only a TV serials guy, he's being paid less and the ones close to his pay are TV9 Deepthi and Amit.

Cut to our topic, as Geetha is already paid close to 20,000 thousand per each day in the house, already she made huge money for the 90 odd days she's there. That's why Big Boss team is said to be feeling like they will avoid Geetha from getting crowned. Let's see what happens in case if these rumours are true.