Bigg Boss 2: Nani Corners 'Kaushal' Like Never Before

Bigg Boss 2: Nani Corners 'Kaushal' Like Never Before

Few interesting, many boring tasks and lots of bitching throughout the week may not keep the audience glued to the "Bigg Boss 2" show, but the weekend is sure to hit unexpectedly huge viewership. This weekend is not an exception, but the show looked inconsistent a bit.

"Nani" started off with weekend pleasantries and immediately got into confronting the housemates beginning with "Geetha Madhuri". Nani's direct question to Geetha on how she felt that one of the housemates entered the house with a lot of 'homework' that keeps him home until the finale yielded expected answers, mentioning Nutan Naidu's help in Kaushal's preparation. Though "Kaushal" claimed no knowledge about promotions and campaigns outside, Nani's expressions and tone ended up giving an indirect 'statement'.

Next comes the topic of Kaushal's cheap-ass talk to Roll and why the latter failed to confront the former then and there. Host Nani confronted Kaushal about it and dragged it on to embarrass him more after his explanation, rubbishing that the conversation happened much before his kids walked in. Kaushal could not find a word after that to defend himself, as he passed on serious objections on obscenity when Roll and Amit walked shirtless many a time earlier.

Though it was a clear disaster, Nani brought up the captaincy task and questioned how serious were the housemates in a task that grants an entry to finale along with captaincy. He raised the ethical conscience of everyone who looked like they wished no other housemate to become captain, but the pointers turned towards Kaushal when Nani concluded calling Kaushal's judgment and rules as Sanchalak were disastrous.

It is true that every single move and act are crucial at this stage and Nani's strong class is also expected. But completely cornering Kaushal has not gone well Kaushal admirers. Particularly the drastic difference in Nani's tone of talk with Kaushal and with others looked like the actor-host is here on Saturday just to put Kaushal in a defenseless state.