#PillowChallenge: Wear Nothing And Pose With It

Almost 80% of the globe is under lockdown now with people not allowed to come out of their homes except a couple of times to collect groceries and other essentials. As people are likely to develop psychological stress during these times, now some experts are coming up with various challenges on social media to keep netizens motivated.

One of the new challenge to arrive on Instagram and Twitter right now is this #QuarantinePillowChallenge. Especially sexy woman are spicing up the internet by tying a pillow to their frontal body and with no clothes one, as part of this challenged. Others could be seen coming up with various creative and funny ideas as they strap a pillow to their bodies with a waist belt.

Right now huge numbers of Europeans including Russians, Spaniards and Italians are posing pictures related to the #QuarantinePillowChallenge, while Bengali TV actress Debina Bonnerjee got this challenge to India as well. We might have to see if our film celebs will also take up this challenge in the next couple of days as it is starting to emerge as a top trend now.

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