What's That argument between Anupama-Prakash Raj

What's That argument between Anupama-Prakash Raj

Few days ago, a speculation about her altercation with senior actor Prakash Raj while shooting for Hello Guru Premakosame (HGP) has troubled the emerging talent of Tollywood, Anupama Parameshwaran. The rumor had it that Anupama was in tears when Prakash Raj angrily scolded her while shooting for HGP and it has disturbed the atmosphere of shoot for next few days.

However, Anupama rubbished those rumors and tried to clarify that everything was 'alright' with Prakash Raj by sharing a smiling picture with the actor on her Twitter page. Despite her clarification, the rumors over alleged disturbance between them has continued to float on social media. So, Anupama responded to it again saying 'it's a misinterpretation of media that blew a small argument out of proportion. We worked for 6 months and in the time course, Prakash Raj gave several advices to me. But, one of the advices was wrongly interpreted in the media.'

She also added that they worked together for 25 days, even after that incident happened. 'We still continue to maintain good equation and enjoy working with each other. Since a small incident was described with some self-created and fake supplements, the reach of rumor was wide.

The reclarification of Anupama, who in the past told that she had no differences with Prakash Raj, has caught the attention. We will have to wait and see what more she has to say about her dispute with Prakash Raj.

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