NTR's Son In Aravinda Sametha! Here's Truth

NTR's Son In Aravinda Sametha! Here's Truth

From a couple of days, there is a huge buzz about Jr NTR's elder son Abhay Ram making his silver screen debut with "Aravinda Sametha". In the wake of Kalyan Ram's son debuting recently, many thought that even Junior also encouraged his son. But what's the truth about it.

Though this buzz is not new, with Abhay Ram appearing in the making video of Aravinda Sametha, the rumours spread wider. For the record, there is no truth in all these rumours and Abhay Ram hasn't acted in the film. That's the clarification given by Jr NTR himself in a recent media interaction.

"One day Abhay came to the shooting spot and the making-video guys recorded it. I've actually asked Trivikram to remove those shots from the making video, and he removed two shots but compelled me to keep at least one. That's how it happened and Abhay appeared. Rest of all are just rumours" said NTR, clarifying that his son will make any such choice only after he wants to do it.

So Abhay Ram appearing in the younger version of Jr NTR in Aravinda Sametha is just trash.

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