We Killed It Anyway, Let Heroines Do It -Trivikram

We Killed It Anyway, Let Heroines Do It -Trivikram

How many of the present day directors have a huge grip on Telugu language and command over Telugu literature? Other than Trivikram, we won't find any big names for sure while the likes of Sukumar and Rajamouli had international level awareness. Here is the reason behind this talk.

The likes of "Keerthi Suresh", "Anu Emmanuel", "Anupama Parameswaran" and now "Pooja Hegde" who have acted as heroines in Trivikram's movies actually dubbed for their roles. One wonders what made the talented director push these girls to dub their lines, but he says, "they themselves asked me for a chance to dub, I didn't ask them to do it".

And then comes the ultimate satire from the wizard of words. "We Telugu people have an inferior feeling for our language and culture. We've killed much of its essence already. At least other non-Telugu heroines are trying to honour our language by seeking to dub. Let them do it" quipped Trivikram. That's a hot and sharp comment coming from him and definitely, our filmmakers need to think about this.

Coming to Pooja's Arvinda Sametha acts, it is heard that she dubbed not just once but thrice to make sure that her voice will not have any other accent and the pronunciation is bang on.

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