NOTA Producer Missed Lovely Deal

NOTA Producer Missed Lovely Deal

NOTA is going to be a loss venture and a first major flop for Vijay Devarakonda at the box office after he became that rockstar. Earlier it was felt that the producer made 25+ crores already and only distributors will be on the losing end. Here is a major twist, however.

Though it is heard all these days that producer Gnanavel Raja of "Studio Green" has sold the film to distributors, a trade source revealed that in fact, he has made a huge mistake. The source revealed that Gnanavel didn't sell the film to anyone but released it on his own in Telugu states and Tamilnadu. In AP and Telangana, he released the movie through Sunil Narang of Asian Cinemas.

In that case, he would have spent close to 4 crores for the release of NOTA and might pocket only 5-7 crores from box office after cutting out all the expenditures including print and publicity costs. Had he sold the film in advance, he would have got close to 18 crores from Telugu distributors, they say.

Sometimes all the expectations go for a toss at the box office and this year it happened many times with producer Dil Raju who incurred huge losses after he didn't sell his films hoping that they will make huge money if he releases on his own. And now, NOTA producer is joining the brigade.

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