Rangasthalam And Arjun Reddy Made Me Jealous

Rangasthalam And Arjun Reddy Made Me Jealous

Generally, many directors and star heroes keep a close watch on the films of other competitors that are releasing in theatres. But they don't speak openly about them, for reasons better known to them. However, Trivikram is an exception.

Other day Trivikram revealed during the promotions of Aravinda Sametha that he keeps a tab of all the releases no matter how much busy he is. "I watch all the films that are doing good and I do watch only in a theatre," he says, adding that watching in home theatres will kill the theatrical experience.

Guess what he has to say about some super hits of 2018: "Films like Rangasthalam, Arjun Reddy, RX100 and Goodachari have made me jealous too. Both in terms of content and production values, they are well ahead of what we are crafting. Such films challenged me to come up with something new and fresh" avers Trivikram.

Looks like the fresh content that is coming to TOllywood has an impact on Trivikram too. So should we expect that he has dealt Aravinda Sametha in a different way than usual? A day more, the truth will be out!!

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