Forget Numbers, Upasana Is Leading The Pack

Forget Numbers, Upasana Is Leading The Pack

Other day with Allu Arjun's wife Sneha Reddy's PR team bragging about the 1 Million followers she amassed on Instagram, people are busy checking numbers of these star wives. And that led to some interesting debates.

Many wonder how come former heroine Namrata Shirodkar has just 800K followers on the social media app though she's quite famous in social circles. At the same time, Mega daughter-in-law Upasana Konidela is also having only 744K followers on Instagram. Observers, however, say that we should ignore these numbers and talk about something else.

Actually, Namrata's Insta posts deal most of the time with family pictures, developmental work taken by Mahesh and Mahesh's movies. Same is the case with Allu Arjun's wife who occasionally posts her travel pictures too. But Upasana is something pretty different than these two though she too shares all the above types of posts.

Upasana gives a lot of fitness tips, she speaks about wellbeing, cooking healthy foods, endorses good work of her friends and family, talks about religion and devotion, and much more. By posting about all that stuff, she is just leading the pack with the kind of content she shares. So, forget numbers, talk content!!

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