Nikhil Deletes Tweet, Claims Innocence, Deletes Again

Nikhil Deletes Tweet, Claims Innocence, Deletes Again

Early in the morning, hero Nikhil tweeted this: "For ppl who think...The World Revolves around them .... nd throw unnecessary Attitude around..DUDE UR NOT THAT IMPORTANT... Every Actor only Competes with Himself.We r but a drop in the ocean called Movie Making Hype Less... Work More..."

It is pretty clear that he's talking about some actor in the industry who is throwing a lot of attitude. In the present scenario, only Vijay Devarakonda has such a swag and only he could do throw attitude, like how he did other day asking his haters to celebrate his failure. But what has Nikhil to say about that?

Hours later, Nikhil deleted that tweet and posted another one, where he stated that his tweet is completely misread and misinterpreted. His tweet read, "Deleting my Previous tweet because it wasnt meant against anyone or anybody Nd realised evrything can be twisted into anything But Twitter is fun this way (sic)"

Even this clarification tweet got huge trolling from Vijay Devarakonda's Rowdy fans and other cinema lovers, and an upset Nikhil deleted this tweet as well where he claimed innocence. He later posted something about his film shoot from the last night.

Unfortunate thing is that Nikhil unnecessarily showcased his frustration, and fortunate thing is that he didn't make fun of himself after deleting tweets by claiming that his account got hacked.

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