#MeToo! Samantha Stands With Her Soul

#MeToo! Samantha Stands With Her Soul

From the last couple of days, singer Chinmayi's twitter outburst as part of the #MeToo storm is just making many celebrity singers tremble in fear. Because she took on guys like Vairamuthu and Raghu Dixit and revealing that they have sexually harassed many, including her.

As days are passing, she is gathering much support from her friends and wellwishers in the film industry and media too. Everyone is waiting to see what her best friend Samantha will be saying about all this. Chinmayi is popular as Samantha's soul because of the voice given by the latter forms a core in the success of our starlet.

A while ago, Samantha tweeted, "Dear Rahul and Chinmayi, I know the both of you for ten years now . I don't know two more brutally honest people .It is this attribute of yours that I value most in our friendship . I love you with all my heart and what you say is the TRUTH !! #istandwithchinmayi".

When a netizen tried to rebuke Samantha, asking why these celebs are revealing about those harassments after years, she replied, "Because we were scared for this exact same reason . That you would make it our fault".

And Samantha is also re-tweeting many revelations and comments made by Chinmayi, giving her a full-pledged support.

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