#MeToo Storm: Five Times Tollywood Got Shocked

#MeToo Storm: Five Times Tollywood Got Shocked

Like the way media and film circles in Tamilnadu are gathering storm now for #MeToo after singer Chinmayi blasted many including prominent lyricist Vairamuthu, Telugu industry is yet to see any such.

While some say that Sri Reddy has already showcased the #MeToo thing here, some sexist remarks by our acts should be added to that tag. Some popular actors who have passed sexist remarks in public events (film events) are back in discussion.

1) Nani's Nadumu Remark
None expected that hero Nani would cross all the boundaries and talk about a heroine's 'nadumu' at "Supreme" audio launch. "Raashi you're very beautiful. When I watched 'supreme hero' (Andam Hindolam) song, I thought of whistling two times. The first it is being a Chiranjeevi garu's song and the second time is when I got a glimpse of your 'nadumu'.

2) Chalapathi Rao's Vulgar Comment
At the audio launch of "Rarandoi Veduka Chooddam", when the anchor asked Chalapathi Rao if women are really harmful, he stated that they are good for bedding. "Pakkaloki Panikostaru" is what he said.

3) Ali's Benz circle comparison
speaking at a film event in Vijayawada, comedian Ali stated that Samantha's 'nadumu' is like a Benz circle. Visually showcasing the waist area on himself, Ali said, "That part from here to here, it looks like Benz circle". Later at Size Zero event, he stated that Anushka looks like that hot jilebi and also spoke of her thighs.

4) Balayya's pregnant line
"My fans don't want me to just run around a heroine. They either want me to kiss her or impregnate her" said Balayya at Paisa Vasool related event. His comment was severely criticised as he happens to be a sitting MLA as well when he said that.

5) Megastar Chiranjeevi's unwanted talk
Of course, the film industry is showcasing only the glamorous side of heroines most of the time on the silver screen. But talking about that 'objectification' quite openly doesn't make any sense. At Rachha audio launch he went on describing that Tamanna's glamorous looks are stunning, and at Dhruva prerelease event he called Rakul Preet voluptuous. That didn't go well with a section of feminist fans.