Dil Raju Not Worried About Aravinda Sametha Success

Dil Raju Not Worried About Aravinda Sametha Success

This Dasara, it looks like cinema lovers are going to bask in the treat being given by Jr NTR through "Aravinda Sametha". Guess what, Dil Raju is super happy because he happens to be the distributor of the film. And then, there is a reason which he should be disappointed for.

On October 18th, Dil Raju's very own production venture "Hello Guru Prema Kosame" is hitting cinemas. In the wake of Jr NTR's movie turning super hit, definitely, there will be some competition when it comes to acquiring theatres. Also if NTR's movie turns a big blockbuster, then scoring another hit under its shade will be tough until holidays get over. So what has Dil Raju to say about this?

"Any festival can accommodate two films. So I've no problem with it. Also if Aravinda turns a blockbuster, then I want our movie (HGPK) to become a hit. That's enough for me" said Raju, adding that he would like to see both films doing great. Talking about Aravinda, he's more than happy that the film got the unanimous talk.

On the other hand, movie lovers are waiting for a bunch of films to hit cinemas because they don't want their 10 days of holidays catered to just a couple of films. Let's see if any other good film hits the marquee.

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