Don't Brand Me As Anti-Hindu

Don't Brand Me As Anti-Hindu

Versatile actor Prakash Raj is at his best again when it comes to criticizing those haters who want to create unrest in his name. Other day with him talking in a logical and sensible way at Sharjah International Book Festival, there are those who want to brand him as anti-religious and anti-Hindu in particular.

Apparently, a section of social media feels that Prakash Raj made some comments against Lord Ayyappa in connection with the recent incidents of women entering the temple. While Supreme Court ordered that women can enter the temple, many devotees are actually stopping them from entering after the reopening of temple recently.

In the wake of this, Prakash Raj said, 'Some sick minded bigots are spreading the fake news that I made comments that Lord Ayyappa is not a god, to instill hate against me and brand me as anti-Hindu' revealing what he said that day.

In a statement issued, he has today explained what exactly happened at the book festival and what he has said. 'When I was asked about God, women, and tradition, I said, when we regard women as a goddess, Bharata Maatha and Mother Earth, let her have the right to worship. Any devotee who is stopping them from doing so is not a devotee', his statement read.

Famous for his #JustAsking tag, Prakash Raj requested netizens to spread his statement such that haters will be at bay. He added, #JustRequesting!